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December 2014  

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 california_ljs - (evilgrins)
02:14pm 03/12/2010
Doppleganger posting in California LJers (Add Me!)
"Nothing is wrong with California that a rise in the ocean level wouldn't cure."
-Ross MacDonald
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Feel My Love People!
 california_ljs - (feelxmyxlove)
04:40pm 03/08/2010
SickSad Sanchez posting in California LJers (Add Me!)
Hey Whats Up! Im Jay. Im 21 And A Native To Califas! Tho I Did Live In Texas For About 5 Years. Cali Is Definately My Home And Thats Why Ive Been Back For Two And A Half Years. Lets See, I Use My LJ To Just Talk ABout The Days Events And My Feelings About Things, Issues That Bother Me And So On. Im Also Looking For Friends Here Cause I Dont Work Or Go To School At The Moment And I Wanna Get Out Of My Place For A While Haha. I Love Going For Walks, Love Smoking Hookah, Im A Pescatarian So Please Try Not To Feed Me A Burger. Lol. So Yeah Add Me Up Beautiful Peeps Of Cali! ^____^
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 california_ljs - (evilgrins)
07:51pm 03/07/2010
Doppleganger posting in California LJers (Add Me!)
What job hunting sites do you frequent or find the most effective?
yes I am trying to take work opportunities away from you
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TxtLJ: Twitter
 california_ljs - (evilgrins)
12:39pm 02/04/2010
Doppleganger posting in California LJers (Add Me!)
@earthquake: M 6.0, offshore Northern California: Thursday, February 4, 2010 20:20:21
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Today is World AIDS Day - Here's What You Can Do:
 california_ljs - (phillipalden)
11:34am 12/01/2009
Phillip T. Alden posting in California LJers (Add Me!)

When the California legislature comes back into session they will be facing over $20M in cuts. Those of us who work on the front lines of this pandemic have a well-founded fear that further cuts to the state AIDS Drug Assistance Program, known as ADAP, will be put forth by those members who care more about tax cuts then the lives of Californians.

We desperately need as many people as possible to write to the Governor and to their local state representative, demanding that no further cuts be made to ADAP.

This is a matter of life and death. Last year the ADAP budget was cut so much that there are no funds for prevention and education. It's estimated that ADAP will need an increase of $100M to cover those who have lost their jobs, (and therefore, their health care.)

There are no more room for further cuts! If the California legislature and our troglodyte governor do not fully fund ADAP innocent Californians will die waiting for drug coverage! (This has already been happening for years in other states.)

If there is a rally at the Capitol (in Sacramento) we will need as many of our friends and supporters to be there. I will post notice of any such rally in this venue.

I beg of you not to ignore this plea. Please stand with us, and let the legislature know that any further cuts to ADAP is not acceptable.

Thank you for your past, present and future support!

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 california_ljs - (dreaded_feather)
03:41pm 11/30/2009
petite plume posting in California LJers (Add Me!)
I find LJ much more fun when I have more people on my friends list. More people to talk to, read about. The more the merrier, right?

My name's Heather Anne. 18 years young. I live in Bellflower which I like to call Hellflower. I'm a fairly simple girl. I love animals with a passion. I have two chinchillas I bought when I had a job. They're my babies. I have a boyfriend of 5+ years. I hang out with friends. I'm going to enroll in college soon, trying to find a job, and I'm just living like all you lovely people do. I have some interests posted on my info. If you find me interesting, why not add me? :)

and a visualCollapse )
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 california_ljs - (evilgrins)
01:58pm 11/26/2009
Doppleganger posting in California LJers (Add Me!)
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 california_ljs - (my_happy_places)
01:58pm 11/12/2009
Ray posting in California LJers (Add Me!)
7:31 AM 11/11/09 · The reason you see the date there inside the post is cuz I don't have an internet connection at home and I like folks to know when I actually wrote something, whenever it is I get around to posting it.

I do this in all my journals.

This is my sex journal. Unlike most I've got my main one clearly mentioned on the profile, somewhere or other, cuz frankly I'm not embarrassed about this one and I don't see the need to hide I have a sex journal from people. However, most of this journal is friends only, with the exception of 8 posts for public display that I rarely change every few years.

I've had an active sex journal since 2004. Sadly, the sex life hasn't been so active the last couple years but I still post about sex and occasionally wax nostalgic about the numerous women I've boinked over the years.

Oh yeah, as the icon and 'boinked' may indicate, I'm fairly goofy. Hell a quick read of my profile displays a level of silliness that might surprise some for a sex journal. Also fairly evident in most of my posts.

I'm a black male, though most can't see it as I'm a bit of a mutt, local to the SF Bay Area. I'll be 39 November 24th. In decent shape and devestatingly cute. Not really expecting to make a hookup with anyone, everytime I meet someone promising online they live very FAR away, but I'm not generally opposed. This is a rough, off form, attempt at an add me post.

Oh, also I'm straight...for whatever that's worth. Non·mongamous too, which isn't the same as polyamorous no matter who tells you different.

Generally I post to this journal once a week, sometimes more.

Comment if you want to add me, either here or on my 'friends only' banner. If I don't add you back immediately give me a couple days.

Journals not written in English I generally won't add back as I can't read them. If you're profile is vague to blank and you've got no visible entries I probably won't add you back either, I like to get a sense of who I'm friending.

I don't post naked pics of myself and while I'm really cute...you don't need to see that unless you're wrapped around me. Rarely post much of any pics to this account either, though on occasion I will for those I am having ze sex with if they're cool with it.
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Veggie Friends?
 california_ljs - (dontspeak)
03:28pm 10/29/2009
Hey all. I'm looking for some new vegetarian/vegan friends. I seem to have alienated nearly all my friends by making this change about two months ago and now I find myself lonely and friendless and saving animals.

Anyone up for being LJ buddies at least?
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actually noticed this last week...
 california_ljs - (evilgrins)
12:49pm 10/16/2009
Doppleganger posting in California LJers (Add Me!)
...but I keep forgetting to post about it.

9:01 PM 10/15/09 · The recession may or may not be over, really depends on who you ask, but its scars run deep. Most noticeably in local businesses that've either bit the big one or are in the process of going the way of the dinosaur.

One particular favorite of mine, which has been circling the drain for awhile now, is Know Knew Books of Palo Alto. They've had 3 going out of business sales that went well enough that they resumed normal operation but now they've got something new in the window.


In huge red letters. Much bigger than that, each letter is about the length of my torso and I'm considerred tall. It's possible that they may recover if they get enough sales, I asked about it inside, but they're not too optimistic this time around.

the official blurbCollapse )

Okay, their punctuation & sentence structure ain't great.

If you'd be so kind, and have the time, I think you should swing by and buy a lot of stuff. They're a small book store with one of the most impressive scifi sections I've seen in a score of larger chains. Yeah they have other stuff too but that's my chief interest with the place.

Know Knew Books
415 California Ave
Palo Alto, 94306
location: 94306
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